Using social media in marketing

If using social media for business is new to you, you probably aren't aware of some simple things you can do to improve your social media profile. Also, you should know that each social network has guidelines and recommendations. which should be followed In this chapter we will focus on some of the main tips to optimize your social media accounts as well as the main guidelines to keep in mind.

1) Customization

Customization means using different settings options to create a social media profile as unique as possible to display your business. Each social network offers some options for customization, which are as follows:

Profile Image: The profile image is usually a smaller image that shows your page or profile. This image is next to the content and status updates that you publish on a particular social network, such as posting content on your profile page and posting content. Other pages or groups can be seen in profiles.

Cover image: some social networks such as Facebook and Google Plus provide the possibility of adding a cover image. This image is larger than the profile image, usually it is displayed in the upper part of the page or the user's profile. The larger image allows you to benefit from the visual content and Showcase your company. It is recommended to use images that represent your business in both types of images. You can also include your logo, slogan or business name because the visual content will help you attract the attention of your visitors. About This content is great for online presentation You must ensure that you have permission to use the images to avoid copyright infringement.

Profile description: Based on social networks you will have the opportunity to add a short or long profile of your company. Take advantage of this feature. Provide other information about your business. Try to use keywords in the profile description as much as possible. This will help users find you more easily when they use the social network search option. Profiles can include a short biography describing the products and services you offer, as well as information about your policy approach, etc.

URLs: Adding the url of a website or blog helps users find more information about your company. It can help users find your website or blog where they can subscribe to your newsletter or decide to buy from your company. This type of cross-selling promotion is recommended when linking to other social media profiles. In addition to the scientific wall of the website or blog, you can also add other social network urls, so users who find your page on Facebook can follow you on Instagram or Twitter or any other social network.

Location: Adding location has a major advantage. When you add your location, a specific social network will be more successful in showing you results that are relevant to you based on your current location. It found content related to the specific area. On the other hand, adding a location to your social network profile helps users find you easily. If you manage a local business, the importance of visibility on Google Maps, Foursquare, etc. You'll understand that not only are you more likely to be found when people search nearby areas, but potential visitors can read reviews about your business, regardless of whether your business is a restaurant, entertainment center, or Be that as it may, positive comments definitely have a positive effect on anyone who is considering visiting your blog.

2) Optimizing social media

Social media optimization is often described as the use of social media accounts with the goal of advertising through increasing product and color awareness. The goal of social media optimization is the same as the goal of search engine optimization, using social media optimization to generate traffic and increase awareness. but instead of using the website as in SEO and social media optimization, it uses social media channels to achieve this goal.

3) Why is social media optimization important?

Due to the great influence of social media websites, search engines consider the results generated on these websites to provide relevant and useful results to search engine users, so social media optimization helps you to search engines. Connect, which has a positive impact on search engine optimization and hence leads to better rankings for your brand. Social media influence is measured through endorsements and followers, which are perceived as polls and proof of a quality website. Therefore, search engines consider social signals as factors that reflect the importance and influence of a website, and therefore these results will affect the ranking.

4) Instructions

The social network has its own guidelines and terms of use. You must follow these guidelines to avoid a particular account being deactivated. Some of the most common limitations are as follows:

1-4) Text and URL in the cover image

Facebook used to cover the use of URLs and any contact information in my cover image, although this is no longer the case on Facebook. You should be aware of this fact when it comes to Kaveh images as well as profile images. Sometimes social networks have specific requirements.

2-4) Organization of online sales promotion

Social networks have made online sales promotion highly regulated as these sales promotions can often be abused by collecting user data. You may organize online sales promotions directly on your social media account based on the social network or you may You are required to use a software to host an online sales promotion. In both of these cases, you are required to clearly state the terms and conditions of the sales promotion, which includes the sales promotion rules, as well as the section on the privacy policy of the data collected in During the sales promotion, these requirements follow the data collection and privacy laws, which is why they are taken into account when organizing any type of sales promotion.

3-4) Other restrictions

Each network has restrictions that you should be aware of when using a particular social network. The full list of restrictions and rules are stated in the terms of use for each social network, but we note some of the most relevant and important restrictions that You should be aware of them.

● Facebook restrictions

Facebook page names should:

– Do not include general words such as pizza.

– Use capital letters that are correct and correct in terms of grammar, which may not include all capital letters, except for the heads of words.

– Do not include signs such as excessive punctuation and trademark titles.

– Do not include too many specifications or unnecessary descriptors.

– Mislead others into believing that this is an official page of the main topic page or under the authority of a legal representative of the main topic page.

Do not violate the rights of others:

When it comes to tagging other users within an image or post, you must not recklessly tag content or encourage users to recklessly tag content. A full list of guidelines for Facebook Pages is available here. guidelines.php

● Twitter restrictions

Although Twitter does not have specific limits on how many people you can follow and how long you have to be productive, Twitter accounts, especially new accounts, are monitored to prevent any kind of automation and excessive activity. to discover in order to prevent spam, the following are some actions that may be considered as spam.

– You follow or unfollow a large number of users in a short period of time, especially using machine tools (aggressive following or unfollowing). You frequently unfollow and unfollow people to gain followers or attention.

– Your updates consist mostly of links, not personal updates.

– You provide duplicate content on multiple accounts or multiple duplicate updates on one account.

– You make multiple updates unrelated to a topic using (#), popular topic or trend or promoted trend.

– Accidentally or aggressively following or retweeting tweets according to Twitter's rules Accounts that have been inactive for more than 6 months may be deleted without notice You can see the full list of rules and guidelines at Access Twitter's republished terms of use at

● LinkedIn limitations

LinkedIn requires accurate information and the use of real names or profiles. When it comes to LinkedIn profile pictures, you should not:

– Upload an Iranian profile picture that is not approved by you or is a head and shoulder picture. You can see the terms of use of LinkedIn on the following site:

5) Evaluation

Using social media for the purpose of promoting sales and improving a business requires a lot of control and analysis on your part to evaluate performance and determine if the results are satisfactory or not. If the results are not what you expected, you should Change the approach and method you use in social media marketing. Try to gain experience and change parts of your strategy such as timing and then re-evaluate the results. Determining the problem and the real reason why a strategy failed will help you Change your social media approach.

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