Social media and SEO

There are many opinions on whether and how much social media is affected and how much of an impact this is. That affect the search results visible to users and also social signals as a way to combat spam as they justify the reliability of the website.

1) About SEO

Search engine optimization is the process of using various techniques to optimize a website and make it more useful and compatible with the search engine. There are several actions such as optimizing content and images, creating links, etc. In this process, search engines Show a certain method and a person algorithm that is presented to display the most relevant results in the first place determines this method. The results must not only be relevant but also provide quality content that can be really useful to users based on studies. Related to search results The higher a website ranks in search results, the more likely users are to click on that website link and visit it, which means that the first result will get more clips.

Based on various data from 30% to 50% of all clicks in the first result is in the list of search engine results, the second and third websites are also considered in terms of ranking, but with a significantly lower percentage that can It varies between 15% and 30%. The percentage of kidneys at the bottom of the page decreases. Usually the lowest results account for less than 5% of clicks. You should understand and rank at the top of search results for your business if you are going to persuade people to visit your website. Be considered and the goal of search engine optimization is to help.

2) Increase rankings in search results

Search engines use a number of metrics in this algorithm that basically increase the likelihood that you will get as high as possible due to the importance of social media. Signals are implemented in search engine algorithms that affect impact ranking. This means that search engines consider the popularity of a link or website on social media as one of the factors that affect rankings.

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