Introduction to Social Media Marketing

Introduction to Social Media Marketing

Introduction to Social Media Marketing

Introduction to Social Media Marketing

1) About marketing

Marketing is often defined as the method of communication between a business and potential customers with the aim of presenting and promoting the values ​​of a certain product or service. The main purpose of communicating is sales. Marketing is a complex field and includes several tasks that determine how to communicate with such a purpose.

Some tasks include determining target markets (customers), analyzing my market, consumer behavior, customer communication, etc. Marketing as a discipline has evolved and always uses new methods to keep pace with market changes, technological changes, and changes in society.

2) About social media

The emergence of social networking websites has changed the way people interact and communicate with each other and the way they express their opinions, search for information, and in a world where one in four people use social networking websites, they cannot Ignore the security of this website in everyday life. As a result, communication is an important part of marketing, it has changed from traditional media such as television and newspaper ads to social media, so this social media has become a new platform for marketing in order to communicate and be in touch with customers.

Social media is a new intermediary between the business that is 100 percent promoting product sales and not between customers who use social media to learn more about a specific product. The general importance of social media has led to the formation of a new field in the field of marketing, a field that It is called social media marketing. The main goal of this field is to benefit from the benefits that social networks provide in order to achieve some marketing goals, such as promoting sales, communicating with customers, etc.

3) Our goal is to explain what social media marketing is and how it can be applied in business:

Because social media marketing can help you improve your business and Help advance its goals. Our methods are different techniques and tools that can be used for this purpose. It is possible to use these methods, techniques and tools in any type of business. That is why our goal is to provide a comprehensive guide that can be used for Small and large companies will be useful.

The topics of this blog will start with some basic concepts of social media marketing and the introduction of some famous social networks used by companies, then we will show how to get the most benefits from social media. How social media should be designed to get the desired results, in addition to tips on content strategy, content and ways to make this content more attractive, as well as tips on how content can be published through social media, are discussed because all these topics are elements of separation. Social media marketing is indispensable.

The introduced tools are only suggested as a few examples and most of these tools have free and non-free alternatives. We will not go into the details of the use of a specific tool because there are so many tools that it is impossible to explain how to use each one, so in this blog we have tried only the tasks that each group of specific tools provide and the possibility of using those functions for the audience. We introduce these functions that can help you plan and manage the use of social media.

Social media marketing

We begin by defining social media marketing and the types of social media websites available.

1) It is quite natural that social networks are accepted by business professionals who are interested in finding a way to implement the functions of social media websites in their business. It can be the basis for implementing social media functions in business. According to the number of social media users, marketing professionals saw a lot of potential in communicating with customers and also an opportunity to promote sales, that is why social media marketing has been introduced as a concept, the purpose of social media marketing is to provide a business plan and Working through social media and using them as a method of conveying messages to potential consumers while the main goal is to promote sales, companies and employees can also achieve many other benefits from social media marketing.

2) Types of social media websites

The dominant and common attitude stems from the misunderstanding about the word social media. When people hear the word social media, they think of social networking websites such as Facebook and Twitter, but in fact, this word refers to different websites that are popular among users. and they enable the exchange of information through different types of channels based on the types of social profiles, social outcomes, types of food and types of content that are exchanged, so far six types of social media have been created.

● Collaborative projects – social media include online forums, wikis, Q&A platforms, etc.

● Blocks and microblogs – social media including platforms such as Twitter and Tumblr where content is shared in the form of short and long text articles.

● Content communities – websites like YouTube, etc. where content is shared and then users can interact with each other by sharing their views on the content.

● Social websites – This group includes websites that people generally know as social media. Websites like Facebook and Google Plus are in this group.

● Virtual game websites – One of the most famous websites in the world is Jang Peseh.

● Game-like design of virtual social websites allows users to communicate their virtual identity and interact with other users through the online platform.

3) Social media of mobile phones

According to the latest statistics, the number of users who access the Internet through mobile phones exceeds the number of PC users, which clearly shows the overall importance of mobile platforms in the use of social media. This type of trend also applies to social media marketing. It has an impact because content and websites need to be updated to be accessible via mobile phones. In addition, some companies have realized the value of creating mobile applications that are easy to install and allow easy access to the website and different features.

In addition, mobile software can offer free and non-free features, which is why it is important to consider mobile users and content optimization packages for mobile devices when working on a social media marketing concept.

The most important social media websites

Because there are so many websites, it is important to be present and active in all of them, that is why it is important to check the different types of websites and find the website that is most likely to help you achieve your goals, no different when we are talking about companies. Below are some of the most important social media websites according to how popular they were on each website and the number of active users.

1) Facebook

Currently, Facebook is known as the most famous social network, therefore the network is important in social media marketing. Facebook with 2.41 billion active users per month is known as the largest social network in the second half of 2019 in the world. People from Facebook is used to create their own profiles and then connect with their friends and acquaintances by adding them to a list called friends list in this social network. Users can add information about themselves, share photos and videos by confirming Other people's content to give feedback to it, etc. When it comes to sales promotion and the use of Facebook for this purpose, users can make a difference and create groups.

In both cases, a user must first have a profile in order to create a group page. The differences between our Facebook pages and groups are also acute cough for famous people, businesses and institutions, who can create an online presence by adding a cover image, profile picture, information about the company, website, etc. By default, confidential settings for The pages are set to the public option, which means that anyone can see the content published on the page. A page can have several admins or managers who are attributed as “page creator”.

Facebook groups are created for users who share the same interests. Anyone can create a group and communicate with users who are not necessarily their friends on Facebook. A group has an admin who can promote other members to be an admin. Closed groups are visible to anyone but only members can see the content while secret groups are visible only to members of the group.

Regardless of the medium you choose to promote on Facebook, we must start by creating a Facebook account. You must provide your real name, date of birth, a valid email address, and a password. Use the given link to create your account.

1-1) Create a Facebook page

Through the pages option from the Explore menu, we see the list of pages that have been created. The “Create page” button allows you to create new pages.

We can also use the link below to create a page:

To create a business page, you must select Business or Brand option. This page is a showcase for your products, services and brand. Click on the start button, enter the name, category, address and phone number of your business and press the continue button. In the next step, upload a profile picture and a profile picture that showcase your business.

After that page is created, complete or edit the information related to your business in the About section, if any, be sure to add your website address and communicate between Facebook and other social networks related to your business. In the next steps, you can check the performance of your page by using different options such as statistics and ad center and create an ad for your business. If your business is long-standing, you can use the page in addition to the option to create an ad. You have three options for an overview of all ads and contacts.

By clicking on the Overview option, you can see at a glance the performance of your previous ads – how many people have seen your ad, how much engagement the audience has with your ad, and how many people have clicked on the link of your ad – you can also see with the help of the contacts option Specify yourself.

1-2) Create a Facebook group

Anyone can create groups on Facebook using Explore. Then click on the “Create Group” button. There are a few simple steps to follow to create a group:

● Choose a name for your group

● Add members from your friends You can add more members later.

● Select group privacy

Click the Create button to finish the process. After the group is created, you can use other options to customize it. One of the main advantages of the group is the ability to focus on a specific group of users and focus on the topic of interest. A person can see your page on Facebook, while privacy can be public or limited to specific users. This feature can be especially useful in different businesses. Use Facebook as a place to organize sports training at the local gym. If you are a teacher, the group is a good place to share extracurricular activities for students.

2-3) Twitter

The social network that plays an important role in social media marketing, Twitter is less popular than Facebook, but despite having more than 330 million monthly active users (Twitter, 2019). What distinguishes this social network from other networks is the dominance of microblogging, which this website is based on, sending short messages called “Tweet” that show how content is shared in this social network. It is popular among famous people, politicians, journalists, marketers and business professionals.

Twitter profiles are less personal than Facebook profiles. In fact, Twitter profiles are accessible to any person, both real people and companies. You can become a member by creating an account in social networks, enter your email and password and click on the sign up button for Twitter in the step and it is necessary to click on the confirmation link sent to your email to complete the process. To create a user account, after you join Twitter, you must add a profile picture and a server picture. In addition, you can add a short biography (up to 140 characters), your website url, and your location. Customize your Twitter Twitter allows users to customize the background theme and heartbeat to match their profile picture and header. Share the same interests. Here are some common ways to do this.

1-2) Use hashtags

Hashtags are tags that allow users to find content related to a specific topic. Hashtags grew in popularity on Twitter and then other social networks followed suit. For example, if you are a furniture manufacturer. Add mats like #furniture or #decoration to your products. Users who search for these words will be able to easily find your tweets and remember the following:

● Do not use too many hashtags in one day

● A hashtag must be relevant to the tweet (you should not write about furniture and for example add #music to your tweet as this can be considered as spam).

2-2) If you come across a parrot that you approve of, don't hesitate to reproduce it. This is a good way to communicate with other people and a means of appreciation. In addition, it is a good opportunity to share quality content with your followers. However, use this option in moderation as you need to have original content to publish on your Twitter profile.

2-3) Follow and be followed

Communicating on Twitter is not a mutual follow. Following someone means that the user knows about it, but they don't necessarily follow you. However, following other users is a good way to communicate and gain exposure. This social network, your goal should be to increase your followers as you increase your potential customer base, so you have no choice but to convert them into your customers.

3-3) LinkedIn

This social network is particularly popular among business professionals, so it is a suitable platform for B2B marketing. LinkedIn provides the possibility to create profiles or professional resumes, when you have the opportunity to become a member of LinkedIn, you will be sent a confirmation email, which is necessary to complete the creation of your LinkedIn profile. After your profile is created, you must add the following Customize it:

● Profile picture

● Specification description

● URL (url) of your website

After creating your profile, you can interact by sharing status updates, commenting, and approving status updates posted by people you connect with. Explore the network by searching for jobs, people, groups, companies, and more.

Do not forget to create a business page for your business. For this purpose, after creating your personal page, click on the work button on the top menu and select Create a company page from the Linkedin business services section, then the appropriate option to Choose your business.

3-4) The social networks that have been explained so far are the most popular current social networks in the virtual world and are suitable for most businesses regardless of the industry. They show that it is mainly based on the fact that these companies have the largest number of users, hence these networks create a lot of opportunity to create an online relationship with the largest target group.

However, this is not the final list and we shared some other social networks that are very popular and worth implementing your social media strategy in, while social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and This link is more general and any individual and business can use them. Other social networks have unique functions that make them suitable only for certain types of business.

4-1) Pinterest, Instagram, filter

These networks are suitable for sharing visual content in the form of images or short videos. These networks can be a good platform to reach potential customers by sharing attractive platform content that is suitable for online stores, interior decoration specialists, clothing manufacturers, etc. It is useful because the content shared in these networks is in the form of images or short videos, if you want to be present in these networks, you must create attractive content that requires a lot of skill and time.

4-2) YouTube Vimo

If video creation is part of your social media strategy, these social networks can help you, as you enable us to host videos and interact with the community through your profile. Videos can be promotional or educational. Or you can even start a video blog where you regularly create videos about a specific topic. The video format can be used for all types of businesses while these platforms can host videos. You can promote videos by sharing the link on other social networks. Creating and editing videos requires more skill than creating images, which is why businesses don't have an active presence on social networks.

3-4) Foursquare, Yelp

Foursquare and Yelp are social networks that have long been popular with local businesses. These networks allow users to express their opinions about the places they visit. Other users can review these opinions and decide which places to visit. Tourists use them when visiting new states and cities. These networks can see offers for a specific business. You want to target users based on their location. These networks can be very useful because their main focus is on local businesses and customer perspectives.


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