Elephant Time Management
It's time to introduce new perspectives on time management and expand those perspectives.
In this article, I have talked about a correct approach to time management so that we can further develop these concepts.
Be sure to read this text to get acquainted with the story of the time management elephant.

Elephant Time Management
Elephant Time Management

** Many years ago, a man lived in a big city who had an elephant. This man earned his living by showing his elephant to the people. He lost people and the man decided to move to another city so that he could make money through that elephant… One day he finally decided to go to that strange city, until he reached another city.

In that city, people had never seen an elephant, and when they hear that an elephant has come to their city and they are supposed to see it, they are very happy … and finally they go to the man until he is allowed to see that huge creature. To catch.

Ironically, the man arrives at the place at night, and naturally nothing is known at night, and he tells them that in this situation you can not see the elephant. And if you see it, you will not understand anything of it. It must be the day when I can show it to you.

But people stubbornly tell the man that we must see this elephant now because we have not seen the elephant up close and it is very interesting for us to see it as soon as possible … and we are very happy to be allowed to ride it. Give it a go.

The man who was upset by all the people's insistence .. says that I will definitely show it to you, but you have to come with me to the place where the elephant is because I can not bring it to this place at this time of night…

You have to travel this distance with me and go one by one and see the elephant…

People accept this and enter the room one by one…

The first person to leave says that the elephant was very much like a fan ..
The second person who leaves says that the elephant was like a dwarf.
The third person who leaves says that the elephant was like a pillar…
People wonder and say why does anyone who sees an elephant somehow perceive this huge creature ?! … And little by little, they understand the reason that that night, because there was no light and people had to touch the elephant, each of them made their own impression. The first person who touched the elephant's ear said that it was like a fan.

The next person would touch his snout and say that it looked like a nail… and one would touch his tail and say that it looked like a rope… one would touch his legs and say that it looked like a pillar.

Elephant Time Management
Elephant Time Management

In fact, anyone who came in and saw something from Van Phil would somehow compliment the people…

But what is the connection between this issue (time management elephant) and time management…?
Unfortunately, unfortunately, what happened to that elephant also happened to time management, and everyone told everyone what was on their minds… and people imagined how to manage time based on what they heard from people. And this is completely wrong.

Many people say that time management means planning…
There are many people who say that time management means making the right decisions…

And some say that time management means storing energy during the day and ultimately during life….
And there are even many others who say that time management is the art of prioritization…. Which I think is a wrong definition.

But what exactly is the true meaning of time management? (Time management elephant)
Well, in our opinion, time management can be defined as an approach, which means our model of behavior and our responses to
What was happening around us.

And if we come to give a correct answer to these events and have the right approach, you must keep in mind this law that I am telling you now….

Whenever you have a problem or problem, it is enough to ask yourself a question .. so that you can manage your time… and that question is: ((What has happened to me now in this situation, what should I do to make the best of my time? Take advantage of it and manage my time in the best way?))

And repeat this question in your mind many times ..
You who are reading this text now, ask yourself for the first time: ((I am reading now, what should I do to manage my time ??))

The last word about time management elephant:
As we said, time management, unfortunately, like the story of that elephant, has been misplaced and distorted in our minds due to different and incorrect definitions of people.

But be sure to ask yourself this question at all times and answer it correctly to have the best performance.

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