Dos and don’ts of SEO

Dos and don’ts of SEO

Dos and don’ts of SEO

Dos and don'ts of SEO

When you're active on social media, you'll create a plan that includes a specific set of activities, whether you implement your social media strategy yourself or hire someone to do it for you. When working on social media, you should create a set of rules and define what should and should not be done. This will help you to be consistent, use planned methods and help you in the process of realizing your social media marketing strategy. pay

1) Social media requirements

The following set of actions includes what you should do on social media to maximize the impact of your social media strategy and increase engagement.

1-1) Put an article

The main activity of your social media presence is to post content regardless of the social network you choose regardless of the type of content that is usually shared on that social network. Contribute Content and Be Active When you post regularly, your accounts will be updated regularly, which shows that there is someone managing the account. This is important information for users who want to use their media account. Use social media to reach you if they need help or details about your business.

1-2) interact

In addition to providing content, there is another activity that is as important as posting content in social media, but the main purpose of social networks is the possibility of interaction among users, and it is still a significant element of social networks. There are many ways that people can use social networks. Interact and the various features that social media offers encourage interaction among users. Your main goal is to interact with your customers and potential customers.

As such, this goal can dramatically improve your business. However, if you want to Make the most of your social media presence. You should also focus on interacting with other companies, influential business professionals and people related to the industry your company is in. Ultimately, it will increase your account visibility, which will lead It means more opportunities to advertise your business.

3-1) Share

While providing original and unique content is highly recommended if that type of content provides value and is most useful, sharing one's content can be a great way to diversify and supplement your content posting activity. Share a video status or an article on your blog if you think it's relevant to your followers. However, you should consider sharing sometimes because the focus of your social media marketing is promoting your business through your content. Is.

1-4) react

Responding to followers who are considering becoming your customers and may already be your customers is critical to building a long-term relationship and increasing loyalty. Social media followers need to be aware that they can rely on you for essential information And help them count, this can and their decision to be influential in the future of your customer, you should try to provide a useful answer in the short term.

5-1) Keep up with current trends

There have been many events and trends in social media that usually spread across the internet and reach a large number of people. To be part of a global social media trend or event, you need to keep up with these trends and join in when appropriate, as this is a great way to show support and participation in a global activity, and it may also help you. Reach new people and discover other businesses that may be related to yours in some way.

6-1) Create variety

Combining all of the above activities and different social media approaches is a great recipe for keeping alive and diversifying the content and activities on your social media accounts.

2) Don'ts of social media

Here are some things to avoid when posting content on social media because they will negatively impact the popularity and credibility of your social media accounts and essentially reduce the impact of your brand.

1-2) Do not copy other people's content

While sometimes posting other people's content can be useful and it's important to keep an eye on your competitors, in general you should be aware of what other social media users are doing or sharing on social networks. This type of content has no value for your followers. Social media won't make you and it can only hurt your social media marketing.

2-2) Don't neglect your social media accounts

Social media marketing requires constant effort to be on social media, and if you neglect your social media accounts, you will be back to square one and will not produce any positive results. It is not enough to create a social media account and expect it to become popular or improve your business alone. Social media marketing and its effort requires time to be invested in having a popular and active social media account.

2-3) Don't ignore your followers

You should avoid ignoring your potential followers regardless of the circumstances. People may want to praise your company, they may need answers to questions, or you may simply want to express their dissatisfaction with the product or service you provide. It is very likely that they use social networks without purpose. In all these situations, as a representative of a company, you must react in time. This will not only help people who admire you or express a possible problem, but also This conversation will also be visible to other social network users who may influence people who are likely to become future customers.

4-2) Do not completely automate your account

While automation is an important part of social media marketing, as we'll see in a later chapter, you should avoid using tools to completely automate your account. In addition, your account may look artificial and this approach is unlikely to encourage people to follow you or engage with you. Followers or their engagement does not mean that your social media marketing will be completely unsuccessful. If you fail to advertise your brand on social networks.


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