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Having different ways of advertising on social media, including free and non-free methods, allows us to examine how to engage in advertising on social networks. Advertising on social media is one of the main motivations for companies that are on social media so we will look at ways you can use your social media presence as a profitable activity.

1) What are you promoting?
Every activity on social media should start with a plan. A planned activity will allow you to measure the results to analyze the impact of the ad in addition to when what needs to be advertised on social media. When planning, you need to consider the whole business of your company, the goals of your company as well as the resources that can be used for advertising.

1-1) Promote content
The activity of publishing and advertising content is by using social media accounts. The type of content may be different, as it is possible for you to advertise blog articles, movies, e-books, newsletters, image maps, etc. In each of these cases, content advertising can Help you in several ways:

Drive traffic to your websites and blogs – Content sharing on social media is usually accompanied by a link that takes the user to the main site where the content is being published, which may be your website or blog. Post a part of the article or one of the images from the gallery Provide a brief preview of the content Has a site.

Increase attractiveness – Advertising with quality content can help increase attractiveness because social media users are more likely to find valuable and interesting content if users are encouraged and endorsed for commenting while commenting. Increase your social media account visibility by having a high level of attractiveness.

Build trust – Building trust among followers and increasing loyalty is an important goal of social media marketing, and providing quality content can help you achieve that goal. If your promotional content is of high quality, users will trust you, and You will build a respectable position on social media, which will have a positive impact on your long-term social media marketing goals.

1-2) Advertise your product or service
In addition to social media content, they are a good platform for advertising the products and services that your company offers. However, you should be very careful in this type of advertising because this advertisement may seem very promotional and profit-oriented, while with content. Advertising gives valuable value to users. Builds products and services. Advertise. Expect users to buy. Using this ad, you try to convince your followers to buy from you. Be in the advertising of your products. You should be careful when advertising. Instead of cost-effective poetry and products about the services you provide, you should try to use more accurate approaches. Useful product. Try to share an image or video in which you show the product. How useful are you? Instead of adding sensitive sentences, try to advertise something like something good, and I have one of these, or add the name of the person responsible for saving. Had an intention.

Customer Advice – Hossein Customers – is part of word of mouth marketing A type of advertising that basically satisfies customers Word of mouth marketing has become very important by creating social networks, just as product information can easily become very important from As product information can be easily shared and made available to a large group of people, sharing positive customer feedback and comments can be a good way to complete the process of promoting your reciprocal services. Like Facebook, they make it possible to integrate the review button, which is very useful if you want to show the recommendations of social network users to the public.

Facebook Review:

Jazz View user feedback and review your business in Facebook Office Click on Review option In personal pages This option is in the top menu below the photo cover in the More drop-down menu Commercial pages are in the left menu By clicking on this option you can rate users see that.

About the praise of others – Another way to advertise your products or services is to share tips published by influential people or social media brands. Your products are displayed in a magazine or a plaque. You can publish it to promote your company. These types of games and reminders can help maintain a consistent approach when advertising, but you are not yet able to display the products or services you offer as a business.

1-3) Advertise others
Advertising others is a form of coalition marketing on social media

You are not publishing your product but you are advertising others. On the other hand, you may have your own, but you want to include a third letter advertising, which can be an additional profit or promotion for your business. The main purpose of this The Approach to Using Your Influence to Promote Others Regardless of whether you are promoting social media products or accounts, some ideas for using this approach include the following:

Share the explanation – The main approach is to give a recommendation to the social followers. Sharing is an update of the situation in which you recommend something to your followers and ask them to break the advice with the social followers. It is enough to update the status in which we recommend something to your followers and ask them to click on a link or approve a page, etc. For this approach to be effective you need to have a lot of followers and also Enjoy limited respect among these followers.

Have your say – Another effective way to promote a third party on your social media is to post a comment about a third party product or service. You can create or publish an article on your blog and you can record a review video. However, if you want to promote a third party product or service and try to be realistic to maintain the trust and loyalty of your social media, no matter what you advertise, you always want high quality to your followers because it depends on The power you create on social media affects you. You do not want to risk your face promoting a product that is not worth promoting. You just have to promote the products that you truly believe in.

Collaborate on a project – Collaborating with other people's companies is a great way to promote third-party content or products. There are different types of projects you can collaborate on by promoting this project and social media. Both will be produced in collaboration. Careful selection of the people you want to work with is as important as avoiding negative reactions that may damage your reputation on a particular social network.

2) How to advertise?
Now that we know what can be advertised through the media, we will provide methods that show how to advertise to increase membership in social networks. By defining your approach to social media marketing and creating the strategy you want to achieve, you can Use some of these methods to improve the effectiveness of that strategy.

2-1) Hashtags
Praying for access is suitable for people who are interested in a particular topic. Using hashtags will help you. Hashtags are especially popular on Twitter and Instagram, while they can be used on other social networks such as Facebook. Adding hashtags helps to tag car status updates so they can easily find it. For example, if you sell beauty products, you can use the beauty hashtag in your update so that anyone who types the word beauty on this social network will be able to find your update if it is visible to the public.

2-2) Use pictures
Images are the most popular type of content on a social network, which has the most appeal and the largest number of shares, which is why when you want to promote their social account and when you are trying to reach more people, use images. Highly recommended However, if you want to achieve real value from providing this type of content you should:

● Share your images without any copyright infringement.

. Try to include your product in the image without overemphasizing it.

نقل Quote through story images.

● Title Draw Ask followers to do this.

● Share the images with two options and ask the followers to confirm option one for the poll and option number two for the poll.

خود Add your company logo or (website url) to the image.

2-3) Share quotes
Sharing Quotes Another good strategy for promoting content is that people can relate to citations in some way. If you can make that connection, people will often be more likely to respond to such status updates by endorsing or sharing.

2-4) Provide interesting updates
Some sentences are good for engaging your audience as you ask your followers to do something that they are more likely to do. For example, provide a status update where:

Ask followers to share content, tweet it again, approve it, comment on it (e.g., tapping this content, what is your opinion, share your comment…)

Ask the statisticians to end the sentences (for example, if I were a movie star…, I would like to travel to))

● Ask them for feedback to get feedback.

2.5) Introduce through social media
Social media can be a good platform to introduce a new product or service. The main purpose of this approach is to create a sales promotion activity that will be disseminated through the social networks in which they are present. A successful new product or service is displaying more of your social media accounts, which often leads to more followers, etc., and instead of just introducing something, you should create a set of events that are going to reach your audience during Attract for a few days or a few weeks The following are some elements that are considered when introducing a product or service through social media:

Share a teaser – Creating a preview will help you get people interested in the news we have prepared for you. Share your talk of some pictures or short videos to announce that you are going to introduce something new and people will be excited to see what you have prepared.

Countdown – Since you have already scheduled a big presentation, you can start the countdown to the official event, thus preparing the audience for the big event and reminding them that there are only a few days until It remains for them to see the new products or services that you are offering. In addition to counting the days, you can highlight the 《coming soon ع sign as part of the image status update.

Organize an Event – Although promotional activity promotes new products and services through social media, you should organize a formal event where a formal YouTube show with other platforms that enable online video streaming. Play You can use social media to announce and promote this event.

Share images – Take a look at your products and services Introduced You should not share comments about the event you have organized. In general, this method is suitable for promoting products and also for advertising the company, in addition to holding an event space where your product or service You should share the official images as part of your promotional activity. These images are usually used in the category of posts or tracts, but you can also use them to promote on social media.

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